The mini cart plugin is crucial for the customer experience of an ecommerce store. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best rated mini cart plugins that we hope will help provide your customers with a better shopping experience.

You can improve the cart page depending on your store strategy and customer interest. There are several plugins in the WooCommerce ecosystem that will help you enhance how customers interact with cart pages. For example, in these mini cart plugins you will find many styles, colors. You can change the quantity of any product and remove it from the cart. They have great control panels like customizer panels. Let’s discuss Mini Cart plugins in detail.

1. Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce


It will display a nice mini cart into your woocommerce site, you can configure it as you want. It has a nice very easy pro active control panel, also you can configure using WP Customizer.

Also it has another module for sale booster. You can attract your customers to purchase more items by offering many dynamic discounts, you can offer to your customer, like, “if you spend 20USD more, then, you will get 2USD discount”.

Key Features

  • Display a nice mini cart into your WooCommerce
  • It can also shows tax info and coupon into mini cart
  • You can choose your suitable color
  • It has easy control panel
  • You can configure it by WP Customizer
  • You can customize your mini cart icon & content
  • You can offer dynamic discount
  • You can add multiple discount rule
  • Dynamic discount can be applied on shipping as well

Who should use this Mini Cart Drawar?

Mini Cart Drawar is a mini cart plugin for WooCommerce, you can add it into your WooCommerce site, your buyer will get a nice look & feel by it. Also you can boost your sales by offering many dynamic discount, when you customer will see progress bar where a text is displaying spend more 5 USD then you will get 3 USD discount then your buyer will try to buy another product. It will increase your sales.

2. Sticky Mini Cart Plugin For WooCommerce


Ajax Sticky Mini Cart For WooCommerce

Amplify the sales by enhancing your customer experience! A customer seeks a user-friendly interface that can be achieved from Sticky Mini Cart.

Enhance your customer experience and multiply your sales by letting the visitors review their cart products on any page with Sticky Mini Cart without going to the cart page continuously. In addition, the customers can easily add, edit, update or delete the products of the cart with Ajax, fly image effect or loader effect.

Advanced Features Lists

  • Design Mini Cart with 10 pre defined templates
  • Place the Sticky Mini Cart in six different positions to fit the best match on the site.
  • Enable or disable the Fly image animation to the Sticky Mini Cart to make the site most attractive.
  • Show Sticky Mini Cart with unique fonts icons.
  • Enable or disable to show the SubTotal Price, Tax Price, Shipping Price, Total Price in the cart.
  • Enable or disable to change the quantity of products on cart.
  • Enable or disable to remove products from cart
  • Display product variation attributes in the cart
  • Increase the sales by enabling the cross sell products in the mini cart.
  • Enable or disable to show the full view of product in the mini cart.
  • Enable the cart to show on any selected page or product page
  • Add your own cart title text, buttons and links for cart and checkout.
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Compatible with all the WooCommerce and WordPress standard themes.
  • Fully responsive.

3. WooCommerce Cart All in One – One click Checkout – Sticky|Side Cart


WooCommerce Cart All In One mini cart Plugin is a powerful extension which helps to innovate the functions of the Cart on the WooCommerce Store. The mini cart plugin also provides users with many useful tools to design all the elements relating such as Sidebar Cart, Menu Cart, Sticky Add To Cart button, Checkout on Sidebar Cart, which will make your WooCommerce Store to work more effectively.


  • Sidebar cart: Display Sidebar cart pop-up with all features of the cart page. The customers can add coupons, select quantity, remove items, checkout directly on the sidebar cart. This option helps to reduce the checkout time and increase the conversion rate of your store.
  • Menu Cart:  Add a cart icon into the menus. It allows the customer to view the cart by hovering their mouse on the menu bar.
  • Ajax Add To Cart: allow the customers to add products to cart from single product pages or quick view pop-up without reloading the page. Besides that, the user can choose the products or categories which are not to applied ajax add to cart.
  • Add To Cart for Variable products: offer a custom Add to Cart button for the variable products. The customers can select variations and add the products to cart in archive pages without going to the single product pages.
  • Sticky Add To Cart Button: display the Sticky add to Cart on single pages which helps to increase the rate of adding products to cart from customers because Customers can add products without scrolling the bar to find the add to cart button.  Moreover, there are options for excluding products or categories from showing the Sticky add to Cart.
  • Recently Viewed Products: Add recently views products to the WooCommerce stores to remind customers about what they are interested in and helps them to buy the items they want quickly. Recently viewed products can be added to the single product pages or anywhere with the shortcode.
  • Checkout directly on sidebar Cart: Checkout steps are integrated to Sidebar Cart. Customers can checkout directly on sidebar cart without going to the checkout page. This feature will encourage customers to complete their orders quickly and boost your sales.


The mini cart plugin allows you to design the front-end of sidebar cart,  menu cart and Sticky add to Cart button to match with your website. The designs can be visible on settings area before publishing.


  • 2 styles: there are 2 sidebar cart style full height and pop-up.
  • 4 position: you can put the sidebar cart in 4 positions.
  • 8 styles of Sidebar trigger Event
  • 12 loading type and change the color loading bar
  • Automatically open sidebar cart when adding products to the cart.
  • Flying cart animation: animation display the product go to customer cart.
  • Open the sidebar cart when add products to cart.
  • Add to cart animation: display an animation of the product “fly” to cart when clicking the add to cart button.
  • Header: change background change, title, title color, apply coupon button color in the header area.
  • Product list: background color, product image radius, product title color, remove icon color. Change the title color when hover mouse on the product.
  • Footer: change the background color, checkout button text, checkout button color, view cart button text, view cart button color, cart total text color in the footer area.


  • 4 front-end styles: The styles of sidebar icons are designed creatively to have more choices for users.
  • 45 cart icon: There are many cart icon types from simple to eye-catching to suitable with many different styles.
  • Customize the size of cart icon: Change the Sidebar cart icon size with the adjusting ruler.
  • Customize the position of cart icon: Choose the positions for sidebar cart icon on the site by the Sidebar Cart Horizontal and Sidebar Cart Vertical.
  • Shadow for box: Create the box-shadow  to make it more impressed
  • Color Settings: Easily to set the color of sidebar cart icon, background,  product counter, Border Radius. The users can choose the colors from color picker or enter the color hex.


  • Navigation page: choose to redirect to the cart page or checkout page when clicking on the menu cart icon.
  • Show content: display the content of the cart when hover mouse on the menu cart icon.
  • 45 cart icons for you to select.
  • Change the color of the cart icon and cart hover color.
  • Cart icon text: choose to display product quantity, total price, or both quantity and total price on the cart menu.
  • Choose to show the subtotal or total price on menu cart
  • Change the text color of the menu cart.


  • Select Product to Preview: Help user design sticky add to Cart button easily and effectively
  • Templates: There are four templates of sticky add to cart button to choose
  • Positions: Set the positions for sticky add to Cart button.
  • Display of Product ratings and Product Quantity.
  • Set up the colors by color picker of text, background, icon…
  • Adjust the Border radius, image width, size of buttons…


  • Customize the steps of checkout.
  • Change the title of steps.
  • Chose the icon displayed on checkout area on sidebar Cart
  • Set up the color for background, icon, button and border-radius.

4. WooCommerce AJAX Add To Cart + Floating Cart | Popup Modal + Sidebar


You are able to set notification and popup cart options independently. This means that you can set one type of notification (for example, a popup modal) for add to cart, and have a sidebar cart when you click on the floating cart icon.

The option is up to you whether you want a modal add to cart notification and sidebar cart, simple add to cart notification and modal cart, or whatever combination fits your need!

You can set the AJAX ‘added to cart’ notification to be:

  • Current product added to cart
  • Current product added to cart with editable quantity
  • Entire un-editable cart
  • Entire cart with editable quantities
  • updated floating cart instead)

This mini cart plugin enables AJAX add to cart functionality for single & variable products, as well as archives, product categories, and even product loops (so it’ll work even on related products!)

Select from multiple notification/floating cart types when a product is added to cart or cart opened:

  • Popup Modal
  • Sidebar
  • Simple Sidebar
  • Simple Notification

5. WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup


WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup allows you to display a popup window once you add a product in cart on every page every time when a new product is added. This will give customer a clear overview of the products they are purchasing, encouraging surfing and purchasing more products. Direct link to cart page, continue shopping and show related product, display all products you can change quantity of product it updates with Ajax base pricing.

With WooCommerce add to cart popup your customer also see the related, cross sell and up sell of the product you have option you enable for shop and single product page. Change mini cart location and with full and enhance setting options is there to control over popup.

  • Mini Floating Cart
  • Popup For Shop and Single Product Page
  • Popup with full cart control
  • Display related cross sell and up sell products
  • Quantity update with price on ajax base
  • Continue shopping, Cart view Button
  • Full responsive popup for all devices
  • Success message for product added in cart
  • Mini cart icon change option
  • Popup width & height option
  • Enable for shop and product page option
  • Eight animation ways to appear popup
  • Full control over popup with setting options

WooCommerce Cart Icon for Popup

WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup Icon can show everywhere on your shop page. Top Right Corner, Top Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Right with cart Product Counter.

Cart Normal View

When one can add Product to Cart it display a Success Message with all Actions button for customer to have quick buy again or go to Cart or Checkout Page.

WooCommerce added to cart popup

When New Product Add to Cart user can also see the Related Product under the Popup Actions button.

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